Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Excited about Pancake Mix

I went to this Gluten Free store last weekend and found a pancake mix called: The Craving Place - All Purpose Pancake and Waffle Mix. It is Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Nut Free, Egg Free, Dairy Free and Bean Free. It does contain corn. It was so easy to make, just add water. You can also add fruit, oats, etc. The mix can also be used for Biscuits, Pie Crust, Shortcake and Flatbread. It is not sweetened.

The best part is Nathan LOVED them and ate 4 pancakes, the most he has eaten of anything in a while.

This same company also makes some other mixes. I haven't tried them yet.

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Melanie said...

Heya! I saw this post and thought of you, maybe it would help? I dunno. I like the blog though, I get recipes from there all the time.