Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Letter to Whole Foods

I wrote a letter to Whole Foods Market requesting a new store near my house. I am not sure it will get me a store nearby but it can't hurt. Here is my letter.

Date: October 5th, 2008
Subject: New Store Location

To Whom it may concern:

I am writing to request a Whole Foods Market in my area. My son has severe food allergies and we need to by most of his food at special health food stores. We love Whole Foods but the closet store is over 40 miles away. We are in the middle of the Milwaukee, WI store and the Madison, WI store. A store in Waukesha, WI would be great, this would be in the middle of your two current stores. Waukesha is a big county with approximately 380,985 residents and is the fastest growing county in WI. For more information on my county please visit:

My family and I deserve to have a store near us with healthy, natural and organic food.
Thank you for your time.


Auto Reply I received:


Thank you very much for your interest in Whole Foods Market and obvious support of our company. We appreciate your desire to have one of our stores located in your area. Your email will be forwarded to the Store Development Team for consideration.

For store opening information and store locations visit our website at Click on Stores.


The Real Estate Team

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heather said...

I feel for you. The closest Whole Foods to us is half an hour away round trip...(much closer than yours) we make the trip at least once a week. My son is allergic to soy,peanuts,eggs,wheat and dairy. I started a website to help others with food allergies.