Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Allergy Free Caramel Apple Dip

I finally found a recipe for a caramel apple dip that is milk-free and safe for Nathan. I haven't tried it yet and seems like it could be sweet, but I will try it and see how it turns out.

1/2 cup sugar
3 Tbsp. light corn syrup
2 Tbsp. margarine
1 cup vanilla-flavored soy or rice milk

Stir frequently approximately 10-15 minutes until it turns a caramel color.
Let mixture cool down slightly, then use as a sauce for whole apples or a dip for apple slices. Makes enough for about two apples.

Source: Kids with Food Allergies

I could also make baked apples with Cinnamon and other spices that would make a good fall treat that is safe.

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