Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Allergy Drops???

I got an email (probably spam) about ImmunoTherapy Allergy DROPs and by placing these drops under a child's tongue they can help/cure food allergies.

Qutoed from the email:
Much the same as traditional Allergy SHOTs, Your Child’s Allergy DROPs contain FDA Approved pure Extracts of “Let Likes Cure Likes” Allergens i.e. Weed, Pet, Dust to which the Patient is actually Allergic To ! Slowly over a 80 Week Protocol, Allergy DROP Allergen Extract Concentrations are increased, allowing the Bodies Immune System to rely on its inherent recuperative abilities and ReCalibrate itself, thereby neutralizing Your Child’s Allergies at the Disease Source, No longer triggering Allergy Symptoms, eradicating Allergy
Complications and Producing Lasting, if Not LifeTime Benefits.

I wonder if this is something that could really work and isn't a scam. I have heard of this before but wonder why a Dr or allergist hasn't mentioned it to us.

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