Friday, October 17, 2008

M&M'S Ingredient Label Made Me Mad

While at work I went to the vending machine and got a bag of Peanut MM's. I look at the ingredients even though I know Nathan can't have them, I am just used to looking at them. We in BOLD letters it reads:


This made me angry. What about the Peanuts and milk which are both listed in the ingredient list. I can't believe Mars didn't list in bold in the allergy information. I think this is very misleading and if I didn't know better and just looked at the allergy information and gave it to my child, it could have been a deadly mistake. I am going to call or email Mars about this. Now I wonder how many other labels I just looked at the allergy information and not the ingredients. Sometimes the ingredients are strange and I don't know what they are so I rely on the allergy information to tell me what on the main 8 allergens the food contains.
Click on picture to enlarge and read the ingredients

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