Thursday, February 14, 2013

Non Candy Valentines

Valentines Day means another school party involving candy and treats.

The teacher sent me an email letting me know that Nathan will need a cupcake and some candy treats as they will be eating some of their candy in the classroom. I sent in the items in she requested.

We try to make Valentines that do not include candy. This year we made Lego Valentines found here. I think they turned out great and Nathan said the kids liked them today.

As Nathan and I went through his candy, I noticed that there was a Reese Peanut Butter Cup in his bag. I was immediately furious because his classroom is peanut-free!!! What if Nathan ate this on the bus on the way home. Ugh.!!! I want to email the teacher but what can be done now. Nathan was good at telling me what he can eat and what he can't. We made a game out of it and he guessed them all right!!

I think about half of the Valentines had candy and the other half was pencils, erasers, tattoos and stickers.

How did your child's' Valentine celebration go?

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