Sunday, February 3, 2013

Compliments. Thank You!!

I love compliments and when I can help out fellow moms with allergy issues. I belong to a Facebook Group of moms from all over the country and they have found me to be the "allergy expert" or the one to go to with allergy questions. I am NOT a doctor (I can't give medical advice) but a mom who has been dealing with my child's allergies on a daily basis.  I learn from my own experiences.

Nora W.
I'm not sure I'm an expert in anything useful, but I know we have some ladies here who really know their stuff in certain areas. Just want to give a big THANKS to Jeanette who's been a big help and comfort with allergy info!! We're taking Cubby (5) for testing tomorrow so he's been off meds for a week now, and ugh. But Jeanette has been great with questions. Thanks Jeanette, and thanks to all of you who step up when you can for anyone who needs it! ♥
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  • Aimee C. Jeanette helped me to see things in my goddaughter that led to her dx of different allergies she has.
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  • Jeanette  Awe thanks!  You are making me blush! I have just learned from experience and having to go through it with Nathan. If anyone wants to know more about our life with allergies you can read my blog
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