Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Nephew Has Hives

My sister sent me a text picture (last week) of her son (18 mo. old) with a "bad rash" and said she was going to the doctor. I wrote back and said it looked like hives and to call me when she was home.

The Diagnosis: Hives from an allergic reaction to the drug Amoxicillin
(which he was on for the first time for Strep Throat). Apparently, you can get an allergic reaction days after using it the medication and it can take days for the hives to go away - unlike the food allergy reactions Nathan has had.

She was told to discontinue the medication. Also to use Zyrtec in the morning everyday but to use Benadryl before bed because it can make him drowsy -- but it had the opposite affect. It made him hyper.

He seems to be getting better. Poor guy! Let's hope this is the end of his allergy reactions.

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