Friday, May 21, 2010

Team Snacks, What to do?

Nathan will be starting T-Ball and each week a parent is assigned to bring a snack and/or a drink for the team. I am not too worried about the drinks, most will bring juice or water, I don't think too many parents will bring milk, but the snack is my concern. If it is fruit it will be fine but what about the crackers or cookies or other snacks that parents will bring that my son is allergic too. Will most parents bring healthy foods, such as fruit? So here is my question....

Which of the following would you do if you were me?
A. Bring a snack for Nathan every week just in case the snack is something he can't have.
B. Email the parents on the list to let them know that I have a child with food allergies.

After I typed this out, I think I answered my own question. My answer is A. I don't want to draw attention to us and I don't want any parents to feel obligated to bring something that my child CAN have.

They will be having an ice cream social at the end of the season. We will bring our own Soy ice cream. Stay tuned for how this all plays out.


Elizabeth E. said...

I agree, I would let everyone know about the food allergies. Most parents would not want to cause an allergic reaction or a life threatening incident. Maybe its because I am a teacher, I just always think to ask because of the number of students I have had with food allergies. Good luck and have fun with T-Ball. I can't believe our kids are old enough for sports already :)

Elizabeth B said...

i would actually do both! if your son is around these parents on a regular basis, they should be aware that he has allergies. not just for bringing a snack but what if he has a reaction to something and say for some crazy reason you are not there! i make sure everyone my son is around knows of his allergies.
good luck

Tara K. said...

We are currently experiencing this with soccer. I told the coach about Beau's severe peanut allergy and he called the parents that volunteered to bring snacks to bring something peanut-free but he did not mention us specifically. So far the snacks have been granola bars, yogurt and string cheese. A juice box alone is a treat for Beau so it has not been an issue but I do bring pretzels or raisins if he asks. At the last game he was so tuckered out he didn't care about a snack or drink and just wanted to go home ;o)

Tricia said...

I would also do A but bring his allergies to the coaches attention too. Around here if any student as allergies the teacher, coach, etc. will send out a letter asking for certain kinds of snacks to be avoided. They always leave specific names off it so no one is pointed directly at. I know that were we live healthy snacks are required; only on birthdays can cupcakes or sweet be given. We are always asked to bring fruit, meat/cheese, granola, etc. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I bring my own snacks everywhere for my daughter (nut allergies). I always have different things packed to have something similar. My daughter just started T-Ball recently and there are no snacks. The kids bring a drink and that's it. the whole game is about 1 hour give or take a few minutes.

Even when she played soccer in the fall, no snacks, kids just brang a drink. On the first day, I told the coach about her allergies, he said don't worry, I will not be feeding them.

Just curious when do they have the snack? Because at our games, there's no food on the field.


Mom to Food Allergy Kid said...

It would be nice if a letter was sent and said that snacks should be fruit or something.

We haven't started the T-Ball team so I don't know when the snack is served. I would assume after the game. Which maybe I could grab him and just leave.

Thanita Glancey said...

Hiya. I'd do both. First I would inform the other parents about your child's food allergies and give them a few "safe" options/suggestions. People are more willing to help out if they are given some direction. In addition to this, I'd bring a treat just in case.

Have a great week!