Saturday, May 8, 2010

Allergies and the Ball Park

We had tickets to a baseball game last tonight. It was a minor league game so not as busy as a regular game. I know they have peanuts at these games (which Nathan is allergic too) but I just hope that I can keep his hands clean and bring our own food. I can't or don't want to keep from doing normal kid things so I try as hard as I can to do it without having any allergy problems.

Well it happened.....towards the end of the game I noticed a hive on his chin. I thought of two things it could be, peanut residue that is on the chairs and in the air OR his little friend that kept licking his face - they are 3.5years and being silly. I cringed every time he did it.

As we walked to the car he started coughing and kind of gagging so I gave him the Benadryl. By the time he was in bed, he was all better.

I don't really know what the reaction was but I don't want to keep him from going to a baseball game. I do wish there were more peanut free games in our area.

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Mitzi said...

I doubt you'd ever be able to find a peanut-free's just too much a part of baseball. BUT...I bet if you called the clubhouse and spoke with someone, they might have a peanut free zone of seating. Basically, no one brings peanuts into that area, and no vendors with any nut products would sell there. That might work.