Thursday, December 31, 2009

Coming home from Florida

Today we are flew home from Florida, this time our trip was a little different. The airport security was much tighter, they made me open our bags so they could look at them and they wanted to scan the nebulizer over with a special machine to be sure it wasn't a bomb.

Then when we got on to our seats on the plane a flight attendent came and asked if there was someone in these seats who had a peanut allergy. We told her "yes", it was Nathan. She then asked questions about the smell again, we told he we didn't know for sure. She said well if we know of a peanut allergy we don't allow peanuts in the three rows before or after us. I said we mostly need to make sure that it isn't in the food. Then she said she would bring Nathan some pretzels, I said no, he was allergic to those too. Then she asked the same question I get all the time....."What can he eat?" I told her we had snacks for him and she said "ok, what about a banana or apple," I said "sure that would be fine too."

This flight didn't go as well as the flight to Florida, Nathan was tired and wanted to get home so he was a little cranky and very restless, he didn't want to sit in his seat or wear his seat belt. We ended walking to the bathroom twice to waste time.

We had to switch planes so that tired him out since we had a short lay over and pretty much ran from one plane to the next.

We got home and made him a late dinner, it is New Years Eve so we were not worried about bedtime.

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