Sunday, December 27, 2009

Leaving on a airplane

Today we are leaving on a plane for Florida for a few days to visit family. I called Delta airlines a week ago to tell them that my son will be flying and he has a peanut allergy. They asked me questions about how severe his allergy was and if the "smell" would bother him? I told him I that his allergy is more that he can't eat the food, but then again I don't know. He has never been in a closed airplanes with dozens of people eating peanuts.

I thought for sure that security would stop and check my purse and bags because I had the Epi-pen on me but they never even looked. It was liquid and had a needle, also we had Nathan's luggage as a carry on and we put the nebulizer in the carry-on and that is a heavy machine, again they never looked or questioned it.

The plane ride was good, he was excited. He liked to look out the window and was pretty good. He played and ate his snacks. He ate a lot of snacks. I think because of his tubes in his ears, he never had a problem with his ears bothering him at all.

By the time we landed and had our luggage it was late and Nathan was hungry. We were able to find a Wendy's open and he ate a plain burger with pickles and ketchup and fries, he ate a lot.

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