Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The coughing, itchie kid

Well, the anti-itch meds are not working, I increased the RX for Zyrtec (per Doc orders) and it isn't working either. My child is always scratching his body. He will scratch until it bleeds. We haven't tried any new foods, new soaps, lotions, etc. This is very frustrating.

This week the coughing started to be more often. He will cough so hard he will gag and then spit or phelm and what he calls "bubbles" will come up. This is really scary because I am afraid he is going to throw up especially in a public place. He usually coughs when he eats and I just always thought that was normal for a toddler who stuffs his mouth. Now I wonder if it is normal. Is it his Asthma or does he have GERD or something completely different??? It has been very hot this week and I have increase his Asthma meds to more frequently.


AllergyMom said...

Has your doctor mentioned trying Hydroxyzine (Atarax)? It is another antihistamine that also acts as a sedative. Both of my kids have eczema and take this every night before bed so they are not scratching themselves bloody in their sleep.

Also, the "bubbles" does sound like reflux to me. Brody had to take Ranitidine for about a year because everytime he ate he would complain of a tummyache and belch (more than normal for a boy his age anyway!). After about a year he was able to stop the medication and hasn't had a problem since.

Good luck!


Jeanette said...

Nathan has been sleeping through the night since we have been giving him the anti-itch RX.

We also got a RX for a reflux medicine at our last doctor visit. Lately he seems to be doing better so we might wait before we fill it.
Thanks for your comment.