Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A call from daycare

The phone rings today and I look at the caller ID - I noticed that it was daycare calling, I was shocked because today my son and I are home (off day). Why would they call when he is not even there?

They called to tell me that they have a change in the menu for tomorrow, when my son will be there. They are not having pancakes (which he doesn't eat-he is allergic) they are having PB&J. They are not a peanut free center but they are careful which is ok with me. Nathan isn't that allergic to peanuts that he can't be around them. What made me very happy is she said that "no kids in Nathan's room will be eating peanut butter, either they will have Sun Nut Butter or just jelly." Fine by me, makes me happy that they are really trying to help him with his allergies.

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