Saturday, March 28, 2009

Carry In

We went to a indoor play area today and after Nathan was done playing we wanted a snack. There were signs posted everywhere stating that "no carry in food was allowed." Well they didn't sell many items Nathan could eat, so luckily I brought some snacks for him. Was I supposed to ask them if I was allowed to feed my child snacks I brought or do I just give it to him and see if they come up to me and say something?? Then I read another sign stating that "because of Food Allergies they don't allow carry ins." Does that mean all the items they carry are allergy free, they were not. The reason I am carrying in food is because of food allergies.


April said...

Did you inform the management of their mistake?

Melanie said...

Hmm. I'd definitely ask to make sure- but then again I'm sure they'd back off if you told them that it was because of severe allergies that you're bringing your own stuff in.