Sunday, August 10, 2008

Insurance Companies

Ever since our battle with food allergies started we have so many problems with our insurance companies, and we are on our second one presently.

First it started with Nathan's Epi-Pen, they didn't cover it. Now does this make sense? Don't you think an insurance company would cover a $150 medication rather than letting our son be hospitalized? I mean that is an easy brainer. If he needs his Epi-Pen and doesn't have one, he will be at the ER, has to cost more than the $150 Epi-Pen. Well, after a letter from our Pediatrician they decided to cover the Epi-Pen. Like we would just want one for no reason, they needed the Dr. to tell them it is medically necessary. DUH!!

Then Nathan was prescribed a special amino acid-based elemental formula (Elecare) that is very expensive about $200 a month. The allergist suggested we send the insurance company a letter to get it covered. We did and were denied.

It is sad that insurance companies don't cover these kinds of medical needs. I just joined a coalition to promote healthcare coverage and reimbursement of elemental formulas. They are called Children's Magic,

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