Thursday, August 28, 2008

Found New Foods

I was online and read that Amy's Kitchen has a new line of frozen kid's meals that are allergy free. The ""Baked Ziti Kids Meal"" is made with light tender organic rice noodles toppped with a dairy free cheeze and Amy's pasta sauce. Broccoli and sauce, rice focaccia & a delicious apple crisp complete the meal. This is good news, I called Whole Foods and they carry them. As soon as I can get there, I will buy some and see if my picky toddler will like them.

Then while I was at my grocery store in their Natural Food Section, I found the Allergaroo allergy-free kids spaghetti meals. Pre packaged and ready to serve for those busy nights after I get home work and don't have time to make dinner.
Editited to add: Read the ingredients, I think I found out that there were nuts in it.

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