Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Asthma

Along with Nathan's allergies, comes Asthma and for the most part it is under control. But today it has been bad, he coughed the entire car ride to daycare and it was non stop. It just makes me cringe to hear him cough so much.

He did pretty good throughout the day (according to daycare) and when we were at the park. But when we laid him down for bed he starting coughing again non stop. Some of the coughs are so bad that he gags, my poor baby. We did double up on his Asthma medications, but that is all we can do. So I will lay in bed, listen to his coughing and just cringe.

I don't know the trigger which bothers me, it was foggy and cooler today.....could it be the weather?

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