Monday, May 5, 2014

Milk Leak in Local Neighborhood

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There was a powdered milk spill in our town, a local food manufacturing company had a malfunction in production resulting in powdered milk overflowing.  Residents woke up to cars, streets and houses covered in powdered milk. Then there was some rain overnight so the streets were literally covered in milk. 

We are lucky we are a couple of miles away from this but the first thing I thought of is this is not good for someone (like my son) with a Dairy allergy.

As I was reading an article from a local newspaper, this sentence I did not agree with:
"I explained to him that we all drink milk, but if too much of this organic material gets into the water, it's not good for the fish," Mueller said.
We do NOT all drink milk and it can be harmful when you have a dairy allergy. I guess this can happen when you live in the dairy state.

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Haley said...

Oh man that is scary! My son is highly allergic to milk and that would be so dangerous. The allergy life is far more complicated than anyone without food allergies realizes!