Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Field Trip to a Diary Farm

Today was a field trip to a dairy farm, with my dairy and egg allergic child....

I had asked his teacher if I could come along, not as a chaperon but as Nathan's mom/nurse to protect him from allergens at the farm.

I followed the bus to the farm and met up with Nathan, glad I did because his teacher wasn't there and there was a substitute, not sure how much she knew about Nathan's allergies.  We went on a tractor ride, walked by pigs, cows, went into a few barns, played in the hay (aaaaachhhhoooooo) pet the sheep, goats and went to see where the chickens laid eggs. It was a good thing I was there, Nathan's asthma started up after he was near the chickens and all the eggs (I knew this would probably happen because the same thing happened when we colored Easter eggs).  Every time he touched an animal I wiped his hands with wipes.

Lunch time started out fine, Nathan, a friend of his (who didn't have peanut butter) and I sat at a picnic table together. Then another class was coming to eat and then wanted us all to sit together. I had to speak up. I said "he needs a peanut-free table". They all were very understanding. I noticed that the substitute teacher pulled out a can of wipes after the children ate - props to her!!!

It was beautiful weather, glad I was able to go and he loved having me on his field trip.

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