Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nathan had surgery today.

Today Nathan had surgery at children's hospital. It was a two for one. The ENT doctor had requested to bring him in to remove a cyst in one of Nathan's ears. He had showed it to us on a camera at an appointment months ago. Nathan has had a few surgeries on his ears and has had tubes put in and taken out in the past. Then the Gastroenterologist doctor wanted to look at Nathan's esophagus because he coughs a lot when he eats and sometimes will throw up or have a foaming acid come up.

After the surgery the ENT doctor told us everything is good, there was no cysts in his ears and he is fine. He just cleaned them up. Nathan had no bleeding, didn't need any plain meds or anything. They didn't even go that far in. This puzzles me. If the Gastro Dr. didn't need to also look at Nathan we would have put him under for nothing. Where did this cysts go?

The Gastroenterologist told us she would have results in two weeks, so we will wait.

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