Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Great Pumpkin

Nathan was really excited for the great pumpkin to come visit again this year. The Great Pumpkin will take all the unsafe Trick or Treat candy from Nathan's pumpkin while he is sleeping and leave him something else. This year the great pumpkin left Nathan five gold dollars. Nathan was so happy he didn't even miss his Trick or Treat candy.

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Caswell Clan said...

Love this idea so much, I'm bound to steal it in the future! My allergy kid is 3 - eggs, peanuts, fish - so he hasn't experienced much trick or treating... last year we did "trunk or treat" with church and I sent all the "unsafe" items to his deployed daddy. This year we just moved to Germany and simply opted out of participating in any of the events on post. My boy LOVES the Great Pumpkin, so I'm sure he'll take to this fun idea!