Monday, October 10, 2011

No More GROUPON for me.

It seems that Groupon makes light of a child with peanut allergies. Well after this I am no longer a customer of groupon and hope others in the Food Allergy Community will follow....Here is the post on Groupon:

The Groupon Kidz Quorner: Your Ultimate Tree House

Hey, kids who have unlocked the awesome secret of reading! Here's your guide to building the ultimate tree house, tree fort, or awkward tree duplex you share with your former best friend who changed during summer camp. Let's get started!

Find a tree in the backyard that can support your ambitious plans and the growth spurt your lying mother insists is coming "any day now."

A well-armed tree fort needs plenty of ammunition. Fill your tin buckets with as many collected chestnuts, pine cones, dog bones, unseasonal snowballs, and dad tools as you can find lying around.

A good fort layout is still available in the 1952 Dennis The Menace story arc entitled A Few Good Menace, where noted terrible boy Dennis the Menace starts a counterfeit money ring.

Ditch that outdated "No girls allowed" sign in favor of the modern "No peanut allergies allowed."

Why go up into a tree, when you could go down into a well and become a TV star?!

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