Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Overnight Getaway

We are planning a family overnight trip to a Waterpark lodge and immediately I begin to panic. What are we going to feed Nathan, will we bring food, will they have a fridge and microwave? Should we just spend tons a money and get a condo that has a kitchen so we can make food?

As I continued reading on their website FAQ I noticed a topic of food allergies.

Food Allergies

We have specially trained chefs that can offer a variety of special items for your family to enjoy. Please contact the lodge directly to speak with a Food and Beverage Management team member.

I was relieved that we may be able to have food made, then my next thought was "do we trust them?"

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DairyallergyMom said...

We are planning a trip to Africa...and with a Dairy allergy daughter that has me nervous. But i contacted our lodge immediately and they were quick to assure me that they can accomodate her. They also will be providing us a room with a fridge and micro and told us where the closest grocery is. We will pack a few things from home, but she loves fruit and they serve that at every meal. It is scary, but with some simple adjustments and the allergist provided prescriptions for additional meds we are looking forward to our trip.