Friday, May 1, 2009

2nd Day of Day-care = Broken Arm

Yesterday, when I picked Nathan up from daycare he was on the playground crying - the teacher was holding him. She told me he fell off or ran into something with his big wheel. They had ice on his hand, I didn't think anything of it. On our way out the door, the director stopped us to meet us and she asked "what was wrong?" She looked at Nathan and we noticed he wasn't using his right arm, which then made me think he had "Nursemaid Elbow" again. So off to urgent care we went, he was still screaming his head off.

They looked at his arm and said it wasn't Nursemaid Elbow and did x-rays. They didn't see anything broken and thought maybe he bruised it. They gave him Motrin and a sling and off we went. He finally stopped crying.

The entire night he never used his right arm and kept saying "owie".

The next morning I went to work but had my mom come and watch him, he couldn't go to daycare, he was in such pain. My mom said that he wouldn't eat and he wouldn't get out of bed. He is a toddler, they get out of bed. I called the Bone Specialist and got us an appointment at 1:30pm.

The bone specialist Doctor did more x-rays and found a crack in his elbow and put a cast on. It is a blue cast and he will have to wear it for 3 weeks.

Day-care is very sorry and offered to pay any medical bills our insurance doesn't cover. They feel bad, it wasn't like they hurt him purposely, kids will be kids. These things happen.

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