Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wheat Challenge Post Poned

Today we were supposed to have Nathan's Wheat challenge but we needed to cancel, he has a cold/flu thing right now. His Asthma has been bad lately too and coughing a lot.

We are rescheduled for the end of April. It is a couple months away but I really don't think he will pass anyway, so I am not in a rush.

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Anonymous said...

My son Keegan is almost 6yrs old. He is allergic to milk, wheat, egg, all nut, peanut. He also was allergic to soy as well. When he was 4 he did pass the soy challenge. He has a wheat challenge set up for next month. I don't think he is going to pass. He had a skin test done and he still had hives, and reddness at the site, for all the items they tested, including grass and ragweed. The doctor thinks his blood levels are high because of the grass allergy. He also has asthma and is on Flovent once a day.
He is my youngest of five children.
None of the others have food allergies, although one is highly allergic to cats, he also has asthma.
If you have any questions, or just want to vent I'm here. Keegan is starting kindergarden this fall and I'm very nervous that he will be out of my site, feeling like i don't have control of his environment. Anyway, good luck!