Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Urgent Care

I picked up Nathan from daycare at 4:45pm and the teacher tells me that Nathan complained of his arm/wrist hurting at 4pm. They didn't see him fall and they put ice on his wrist, wrote up an accident report. When I was there he was still complaining his arm hurt and wouldn't use it.

When we got home, we looked at him and decided he needed to get to urgent care to get checked out. We think he has the "nursemaid elbow" again (he had it in June). The Doctor said that she agreed and it is the same arm. She tried to "pop" it back into place and he cried, so hard. She thinks he heard a pop but he wasn't immediately better like last time. She thinks that it might take longer to recover because it took longer to get treated this time. We went to the waiting room and watched him play to see if he could use his right arm again and at first he didn't bust after a while he did. We went home.

I told daycare that if ever complains of his arm hurting to call me right away. He could just hurt it from swinging his arm too hard.

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