Friday, December 5, 2008

Phone Call from the Doctor

I just received a phone call from Nathan's allergist, the actual Doctor - not the nurse. I was shocked that she was calling me on a Friday afternoon.

She had the results to Nathan's blood tests from last week and she had the results from his previous blood work to compare.

Peanuts/Nuts: She said that his peanut allergy went down so it is low. Peanut allergy is not the one I care about, avoiding peanuts isn't hard, I can find lots of foods that don't have peanuts. He doesn't need peanuts to survive.

She said his Almond went up, again who cares and he is not allergic to pecans at all but he is young and doesn't care about nuts so we just avoid them all!!

Milk: This went down and is the lowest of his allergies, good news and since it went down he has a better chance of possibly growing out of it.

Egg: MOST ALLERGIC TOO. Eggs went up for him and it is the highest allergen for him. Not good news since the chance of possibly growing out it is less. Great, how is going to go to school and eat birthday treats, every cake and cookie is made with eggs, no Sunday mornings of eating an egg breakfast or french toast. His life flashed before my eyes when she read this to me.

Wheat: Went down, but not too much. Wheat would be nice to get rid off because again every, noodle, cracker, cookie, bread, cake etc. is made with wheat flour.

I asked her when and which ones are low enough to food challenge? She said lately the food challenges she has done have been disappointing. The numbers are low but the reactions are still there. Like a False-Positive. She wants to take blood again in the Spring and decide from there. Also she would like to wait until he is a little older and can tell us if he has a reaction that we can't see such as tingling lips, etc. Makes sense.

Then on the weight questions again!! Maybe I will just feed him potato chips and candy everyday, he will have to gain and then maybe everyone will leave me alone!!

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