Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pumpkin Farm

Today we visited a pumpkin farm, it was really fun. Nathan loves pumpkins!! We went on a hayride and while we were on the hayride, I started to think about him having a reaction to hay, he didn't at that time.

There were two petting zoo's with goats and sheep and I did everything I could to keep him away from those animals, I kept having flashbacks about the reaction he got from the animals at the zoo on his first birthday. He listened and was fine with not touching them. He was more interested in riding "the train" it was a tractor pulling a bunch of barrels with the kids in them. He loved that!

They had a picnic dinner and Nathan could eat the hot dog (with no bun), fruit and chips. No salads or their cookies, I gave him one of his own cookies.

Tonight I noticed his eyelid was red and looked like eczema, probably got a reaction from something at the farm.


Melanie said...

Pumpkin farms are so much fun! I'm looking for one locally to take Dylan to.

Jeanette said...

They are so fun and they are at a good age to enjoy them. Nathan loves pumpkins now.