Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What I feed Nathan? A Look Into Our Pantry

I took some pictures of my pantry, I actually have separate shelves for Nathan's food. This way it is easy for me or anyone else who is here watching him to to know where his "safe food" is.

Most foods I shop at the health food stores for (he eats a lot of natural and organic) and some foods I can get at the local grocery store.

The foods I keep stocked in the pantry are: Soy Milk, Rice Milk, Nana's cookies, De Boles Gluten Free Noodles, Gluten Free Bread, Dairy-Free Chocolate Chips, Gluten Free Pretzels and Pizza Breadsticks; Gluten Free Breakfast Bars, Canned Vegetables, Beans and Fruit Cups; Jell-o Cups, Egg Replacer, Rice, Gluten Free Cereals and more.

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