Monday, March 10, 2008

Nathan's Allergy to Dogs and Cats

Not only is Nathan allergic to foods but is also allergic to dogs and cats. We used to have a cat until Nathan was 7 months old and the cat died. It was months later we found out about his allergy to the cat. Nathan had very bad eczema and we never knew why, I think the cat really made his eczema worse.

Here's the thing....I am an animal lover always have been, I always grew up with a cat or dog. It is killing me inside that we can't have a pet. I know the safety of my child comes first so that is why we never got another pet. I sometimes have the feeling that a woman gets when she wants a baby and can't. I wonder around the pet store looking at the animals for sale and I just want to cry.

Nathan seems to be an animal lover too, dogs mostly. He loves them! If one comes on TV he gets very excited and tries to touch the dog. When we are out for walks he runs up to our neighbors dogs and gets so happy and excited. How will I tell him someday that we can't have a dog because they make him sick.


My sister has a dog and when Nathan was around the dog he did ok until the dog licked him. Then Nathan would break out in hives where the dog licked him.

We were at the Zoo last year and Nathan was by the goats that you could feed, we as soon as Nathan had goat saliva on his hand and arm, he broke out into hives. I had to give him Benadryl to stop the rection.

Another thing that makes it hard for us is going to peoples houses with pets. We have been invited to playgroups but could not attend because they have a pet. It is hard.

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