Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nathan's Allergy Test Results

Nathan had his testing for allergies
Allergen <   >   + Was Now
Eggs < 29 27
Milk < 11 6.5
Wheat > 15 11

Peanut Highly Allergic - Did Not Test
Tree Nuts Highly Allergic - Did Not Test

Dust Mites  = Positive
Cat = Positive
Dog  = Positive
Grass = Positive
Tree = Positive
Ragweed  = Positive

No food challenged for us in the future. It is hard to believe that his milk allergy is lower then his wheat. I would like to schedule a skin

We also talked about doing dog allergy shots, such a long and 
expensive process though.

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SneakyPoodle said...

So if I am reading this correctly, it looks like he is growing out of some of the food allergies? My son, Jack, also has Egg, Peanut and Tree Nut allergies. We found out when he was 6 months old as he is touch sensitive to all of them. Fingers crossed when we go in for his two year checkup that he starts to outgrow them.

Have you been following the progress on drops vs. shots? I see that there is quite a bit of momentum in the less severe allergy communities and talk of them rolling out drops in the food allergy community in the future.

Praying for a cure!

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