Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Break

Hope everyone had a great Spring Break. Nathan was off last week and we didn't leave town, we planned activities around here. We wish the weather was better, more like Spring....but it felt like Winter.

My husband and I split the week that Nathan was off of school. I did a couple days with Nathan and so did he. He took Nathan golfing and to his friends garage, Home Depot -all the fun boy stuff. I took Nathan to paint pottery, he painted a monster truck (he is so proud). We also planned a fun swim play date and lunch with friends.

Here is the one thing about our Spring break that has to do with allergies: Nathan ate lunch out 4 days during that week and they were all at Wendy's Restaurant. Now as an allergy mom I know very well that eating out you risk cross contamination but as usual I never left the house without our Epi-Pen and Benadryl. Nathan loves to eat their burger patties and fries. I always tell them plain, no bun - just the meat burger patties. I tell them he has food allergies. He dips the burger in BBQ sauce and ketchup. The first day Nathan ate four burger patties, which is good because he is so small and needs the protein. By the fourth day the nice ladies working there, knew him. As a mom watching my son eat something he enjoys brings so much joy to me.

Disclaimer: Eating out with food allergies can be unsafe and you can risk cross contamination.  Please speak to your doctor about any diet changes.

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Gratefulfoodie said...

Did you ever think in your life time that watching your food allergic eat in a restaurant would such joy?

I was in a restaurant when a 16 year old food allergic girl ate her second meal out! The first meal was the night before in the same establishment. I had tears in my eyes for her.

I almost jump up and down when my son eats out. There is such great pleasure in this and I thank you for sharing with us.