Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Thank You Walgreens

I have always loved Walgreens for our prescriptions (and their good in-store deals), I mean there is a Walgreens on almost every corner so you never have to be with out your prescription - even on vacation.

Last month Walgreens really impressed me with a letter providing useful information about my childs's EpiPen Jr. (epinephrine) Auto-Injector that we last filled with them.
I thought this was a great extra service. They provided very useful information such as:

  • Always make sure we keep EpiPens at home, school, etc.
  • We should always carry two EpiPen injectors
  • Reminding us to be sure they are stored properly - Not in the refrigerator or in a car
  • And to make sure they are not EXPIRED

All the information in the letter is very important and is a great reminder.

I had already had our EpiPens refilled, just not by Walgreens, unfortunately. With our new insurance we can only fill out "maintenance" medications with a certain pharmacy. But when  we can go to Walgreens, we do. Our "other" pharmacy doesn't give us the same service.

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Haley said...

We use Publix pharmacy for our prescriptions. We recently got that letter for our epi jr pens as well. I wonder if it is a new law or something?