Monday, February 13, 2012

School Called: Nathan's Tongue is Itchy

I was sitting at my desk at work and my phone rings and it is the school and as usual I get that sick feeling. It was the nurse calling to tell me that Nathan is in the health room because his tongue itches. She said that he only ate some of HIS marshmallows at snack time. Do you want to talk to him? I said sure. Nathan tells me that his tongue itches and he doesn't know why. I said to him "Do you want the pink medicine (Benadryl)?" he said "Yes". I told him to put the nurse back on the phone. I then asked her to give him some Benadryl and let me know how he does." She says "ok." Luckily this wasn't a severe allergy attack.

After I got off the phone I wondered what could have made his tongue itch, was his faking to get out of something? Could a child sitting next to him be full of pet hair? I called back a 1/2 hour later and they said he was fine.

Around 2:30pm the nurse calls again to tell me that Nathan is back in the health room because his stomach hurts. She said it was the second time he was there complaining of a tummy ache and she checked his temperature and it was fine. My husband went to pick him up and they went to eat. Nathan was fine.

When I got home Nathan was still fine and said his tummy didn't hurt. He also said that this is what happened:  I woke up and I felt fine, I went to school and felt fine, I touched milk at snack time and my tongue got itchy so I went to the nurse.Then I felt fine. Then my tummy hurt and then I felt fine, then my tummy hurt and then I was fine the rest of the day." I asked him why he didn't tell the teacher or the nurse that he touched milk? He said he was scared. I told him that if it happens again he needs to tell the teacher immediately and to wash his hands.

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