Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Why me? Why do I have Food Allergies?

I knew this question would be coming....

Last week I asked Nathan about lunch time in kindergarten, I asked him how he likes it, is everything going good? He replied “its fine, I sit at the allergy table with a teacher.” I asked if there were other children at the table and he replied “no, just me.” This really hurt me.

Then Nathan told me that he wanted to eat chicken nuggets like the rest of the hot lunch kids? And then came more questions, why do I have food allergies, when am I going to grow out of these allergies, why can’t I eat all foods other kids eat? Why, why, why? My heart was broke and I was in tears. I wasn’t ready to answer these questions - I didn’t know how to answer them - I didn’t know what to say – I only had tears.

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Sarah G said...

That's tough especially since there is no logical explanation.