Wednesday, July 20, 2011

5th Birthday | Hives

What would a birthday be like for Nathan without hives, well we won't find out this year.

Nathan had a great birthday spending the day with mom and dad. We went to lunch, shopping and bowling. It wasn't until the evening when the hives came.
We were at a friends house and Nathan was playing on the Slip N Slide with his friends. They have a dog that was also outside in the yard, I noticed Nathan picking up the dogs ball and throwing it. Then he would wipe his hands in his chest. Within a few minutes he was scratching his chest. I looked at him and his chest and stomach were red and just full of hives, he even had hives on his back.  I took him home and gave him Benadryl. He was then fine.


Missy Marketing Mama said...

What a bummer about the hives, but was it any relief that it wasn't from eating something he was allergic to?

Glad to hear the benedryl cleared it up and that his birthday was otherwise okay. :)

Chase's Moma said...

Chase does the same thing. We have 2 (outside) dogs that he can't even play with b/c wherever their saliva touches him he breaks out in hives.