Saturday, March 5, 2011

No more Silk Soy Milk for us

No more Silk Soy milk for us. I have heard that Silk Soy milk now makes their Almond milk on the same line which now means the soy milk may be contaminated with almonds. Not good when you have a nut allergy too.  So I went to their website and here is what I found. 

Does Silk soymilk contain almond and/or coconut?

No, Silk soymilk does not contain nut ingredients, including almond and coconut. However, our soymilk may be manufactured on equipment that also handles foods containing these ingredients. To help ensure against the risk of unintentional contamination, allergen clean-up procedures are standard in all of our manufacturing facilities. Those with severe allergies should always consult a doctor before introducing new foods.
Not safe enough for us to use so we will be finding a new line of soy milk.

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Lacy M said...

Thanks for posting this! My son is allergic to dairy and soy (and peanuts, but not almonds.. among other things) I guess we will not be using their almond milk if it may be contaminated by soy!