Friday, April 2, 2010

Cold Stone Creamery

It was a nice day out today and feeling really summery so after the park I decided to take Nathan to the get an "ice cream" well not a real ice cream but I knew that Cold Stone Creamery had sorbet so off there we went.

They only had one Sorbet flavor and it was lemon. The guy working said he could put gummy bears in it and rainbow sprinkles so I said sure. Nathan saw blue ice cream and that is what he really wanted and I told him I have blue ice cream at home, which I didn't. He didn't really like the lemon just took a few bites. So on the car ride home I thought about how I could give him blue ice cream and then I thought I would buy his vanilla soy ice cream, add blue food coloring and then sprinkles.

That is what I did, it worked well and he was so happy to have blue ice cream.


Jessica M. said...

Can he eay gummy bears? A mom here has a kid with a tree nut allergy & she said they can't have them because of bein manufactured in the same place that does stuff with tree nuts. Just curious.

Mom to Food Allergy Kid said...

Yes, he can. I mostly look at the ingredients and not where it was manufactured. Only because there would be nothing for him to eat. He has been ok.

Jessica M. said...

That's good to hear.