Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cake with wheat.

School was having cake and they had a cake that was free of all of Nathan's allergens except wheat. It had wheat. They called and asked me if Nathan could have some and since the recent allergist told us that Nathan isn't allergic to wheat. I said, sure if you feel comfortable giving it to him and they said yes they did.

When I picked up Nathan they said he ate the cake and did fine. I notice a little redness on his cheeks.

Later in the evening I think the wheat affected him more. He told me a few times that his tummy hurt. He would say he is hungry and even eat but again would complain of a tummy ache. I think he had to much at once, maybe if he would have it everyday a little bit at a time it might be better and his system might be able to handle it.

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Mitzi said...

That's great progress though! Maybe over time you'll be able to build up his tolerance. What a great allergen you'd be able to cross off of the list!