Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Egg Allergy and the H1N1 vaccine

I was at work and Nathan's pediatrician's office called me and told me that they would have an allergist at their office to give the vaccine to 2 other allergy kids and Nathan could get it too but I had to be there at 4:00pm today. I said yes we would be there.

Nathan has been coughing....a lot. He was still sick with a cold or flu and I told the doctors that and they said as long as he didn't have a fever they could still do it. The nurse took his temperature and he didn't have a fever.

Nathan's current allergist over seeing the injections, I was surprised to see him. He knew Nathan so that was good. The allergist did a skin prick test on Nathan's back for egg and the vaccine. Nathan broke out in 4 big hives where they pricked him. I thought there is no way they will give him the vaccine. After about 20 minutes the nurse (who is our pediatric nurse) gave Nathan the first injection of H1N1 vaccine and then they set the timer for 20 minutes to make sure there are no reactions. Nathan continued to cough and he had a runny nose. I don't know if it was from the cold or the vaccine. Then the nurse continued to give Nathan the rest of the injections about 20 minutes apart. Nathan did not like all that needle pricking.

Nathan's pediatrician came in to check on Nathan too, so I was really relaxed and thought if anything happens we have a lot of doctors here. She said that Nathan still has that cold/flu and he should be better in a few days. She looked into his ears and said they are getting better. She also looked at his red eye again and said it was not pink eye or contagious.

We were there a couple of hours but they were all so nice, Nathan got juice box, fruit snacks, a bouncy ball and a nightlight.

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