Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wheat Food Challenge

Today, I took Nathan to the allergist for a food challenge for wheat. They gave him Cream of Wheat because it is something that is pasty to put on his lips and it had the least of other ingredients.

Well, he hated it on his lips and he cried until we wiped it off. Then we tried the lips again and he seemed ok, well when they tried to put it in his mouth, he freaked out and cried. We tried adding a little bit to a banana and he threw a tantrum and kicked and screamed. He likes bananas too. After a 1/2 hour of his screaming and crying we gave up. He was tired and hungry but didn't want anything to do us.

So the results are incomplete.

The good news is the little bit of wheat he did have he didn't have any kind of reaction, the bad news we wasted a $25.00 copay.

The allergist said we could try another time. I didn't like the way this allergist did the food challenge, Children's hospital was much better. I think we may go there next time.

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