Sunday, January 25, 2009

No Reaction....

I came home from running errands and my husbands tells me what Nathan ate and he says he ate some French Twist, two of them. I said "I didn't buy Nathan any French Twists". Those were for us.

The package states:
No Dairy
No Eggs
No Butter
No Trans Fat
No Yeast
No Cholesterol
Low Sodium & Low Fat

I think he saw the no dairy and no eggs and thought they were for Nathan, well they had Wheat. But Nathan never had a reaction and even days later we never saw any kind of reaction.
The first ingredient is High Protein Wheat Flour.


Melanie said...

That's exciting! I hope it's the beginning of fewer allergies for him.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeanette,
just found your blog... after doing yahoo search for "wheat but had no reaction".... My son is allergic to the same stuff: wheat, dairy, eggs and peanuts. We never tested him specifically for seafood so that one I am not sure about yet. Sam will be three year-old next month and was diagnosed as a 8-month old. Never had a "severe" reaction to anything but hives and rashes, until we had him tested and eliminated those things from his diet, were frequent.
Today, he ate half a pretzel (his brother left it unattended) and so far no reaction either!

Have you done any more testing on your son since that January accident? I am curious to find out if not having any immediate reaction means he may be "outgrowing" his wheat allergy. Would love to hear from you sometime.
Best of luck to you guys!
Simone from Colorado Springs