Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nathan's First Baseball Game

Today we went to the Brewer game at Miller Park. It was a night game (we got free tickets) so we didn't stay for the whole game. Nathan seemed to have fun and liked all the excitement, he didn't like the fireworks though. He got a Brewer monkey stuffed animal and he loves it.

I brought some food for Nathan and planned on getting him chips and a hot dog at the game. When we were ordering I noticed they did have fries so I asked the lady at the counter what was in them and what kind of oil do they use (can't have peanut oil) and she said they were just potato's and the oil wasn't peanut. I trusted her and ordered some, we also got Nathan a hot dog to eat with his cucumbers I brought from home. He got the kids meal hot dog without a bun and it also came with potato chips.

So then DH (Dear Husband) says I am going to get a bag of peanuts. Are you kidding me??? Nathan is allergic to peanuts (we don't know how severe), I was hoping we weren't sitting next to someone that was eating them, we weren't. It is funny how when we were watching the game I watching at what people sitting near us were eating. I need to relax more and enjoy the game.

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Isabel's Mommy said...

Sounds like it was a good time, even with the worries.